If you’re looking to build a website, having the right design team behind you can make the difference between gaining traffic versus getting stuck in a traffic jam. While many platforms promote “build your own site,” the process can be frustrating, stressful, time-consuming, and expensive. Investing in a competent web design team is going to give you the support that you need to manage technology, design, and deadlines. But not all teams are created equal and there are a few things to keep in mind.

Project Management.

Like every great organization, a team is only as good as its management. One of the most important things to think about when vetting a design team is the project management process and experience

Ask them: Has this team adopted the right communication skills to work in a project management-oriented environment? Does this team work in a specific project management framework? What is the process this team uses for taking on a large scale web design build?

If you are hearing silence, this team may not have the process or experience to launch a site from beginning to end.

Having a cohesive team that understands how to advance a project from start to finish is going to be a critical advantage to you. Organization and collaboration is very important when hiring a web development team. Clear expectations should be set throughout the entire process, and you should feel confident that a design team can bring your vision to life.


UX and UI Design Strategy.

Visual continuity and virtual design elements are what make a website aesthetically great. A website should be inviting and visually pleasing. Embedded code behind the styling to what makes the site functional. The User Interface (UI) needs to be welcoming enough to invite a visitor to the site, while the overall User Experience (UX) needs to provide enough value to keep a person engaged.

Believe it or not, there is a psychology of the visual presentation of a web site. The placement of buttons, links, and pages should not be a random occurrence. Having a web team who is trained in these aspects can help your site to convert more visitors and ultimately more interest in your product or service. Ask your dev team about the capabilities of UX and UI design. Remember, you are going to be hiring them, so they need to match your expectations with their design capabilities.

The Tech Stack

For every great technologist, tools of the trade are of vital importance. A web designer that has access to the right tools for the job will impact the site. Having the proper set of tech, frameworks, programming language experience, and design tools are a crucial piece of the design process. It’s important to vet your developers and inquire about the tool they use. It’s ok to ask questions. Not everyone is tech savvy, so asking a lot of questions and doing some research can go a long way.

Past Performance

Lastly, ask to see past performance of work they have completed in the past. A great dev team will have the work they previously did displayed. This can also give you great ideas of where you would like to direct your site.  

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