What is BeReal?

New social media apps are always coming and going. Have you heard of the latest one that’s taking over? BeReal is a social media app designed to showcase users as being real and unfiltered. 

The way that the app encourages people to take and post photos is designed to promote authenticity. Instead of preplanned poses and heavy filtering, BeReal is “the first uncontrollable” social media. 

What makes the posts uncontrollable?

At the same time, everyday users are prompted by the BeReal app to take a photo of themselves and their lives. The app sends a notification that it’s “time to Be Real” and then a two-minute timer starts, effectively taking candid to a new level. The users have only that time to take a photo of themselves and their lives at that moment. 

The photo is doubly interesting. When taking the prompted photo on BeReal, the app takes the image using both the front and back camera at the same time. Your friends get to see you and what you’re doing or who you are with. 

Additionally, you can only delete a BeReal once a day so if you post another it will have to stay up. The unique attributes of the app are all designed to force users to be real with themselves and their friends on the app.

How are brands and businesses using BeReal?

While BeReal doesn’t allow formal advertising at this point, some brands have still managed to find ways to take part in the trend. The real-life theme has prompted brands to show the behind-the-scenes aspect of their business and showcase some of the real people who work in them. 

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