Google Local Services is a new feature that Google rolled out for select industries. You can see a full list published by Google, but it includes lawyers, realtors, landscapers, movers, HVAC, electricians, and plumbers, among many others. It’s a great complement to both your SEO and PPC strategies.

When a user searches for a service near them, such as “HVAC service near me,” something like the below screenshot will come up when an HVAC professional is signed up for Google Local Services:

Google Local Services

With Local Services, your headshot (if you have one), business hours, contact information, ratings, and services will appear right at the top of the page when someone enters a search term that triggers it, and unlike PPC, you only pay for leads that are gained directly through the ads. Clicks alone do not cost you money.

When someone clicks on your Google Local Services ad, they can easily book directly through that or contact you from the information given, and once your services have been provided, they can leave a review there as well. With the relatively low monthly cost, it’s a no-brainer to take advantage of Local Services before every other business catches on.

How Much Does Google Local Services Cost?

As is the answer with everything SEO: it depends. However, this is a little easier to find out. Head over to Google’s cost estimator tool and enter your zip code, industry, and how many leads per month you want to gain from using Local Services. It will give you a range that you should consider spending according to those parameters, and you can always adjust it on the fly.

How Do I Sign Up For Google Local Services?

Because Google Local Services relies on business being either Google Guaranteed or Google Screened, it can be a lengthy process to become eligible. You need to sign up, create your profile, and then get Google Guaranteed or Google Screened (which one you are depends on the industry you’re in).

If you’re Google Guaranteed, Google will refund up to the amount paid for services rendered through Google Local Services ads if a customer is unhappy with your work, with no lifetime cap for coverage. The Google Screened and Google Guaranteed badges are a vote of confidence from the most widely-used search engine in the world, and is an instant boost for small businesses competing in a crowded market.

If you work in an industry that provides home services such as HVAC or as a professional such as legal services, you can’t afford to miss this boat. If you need help setting it up, contact us today and we’ll be happy to walk you through the Google landscape!