If you’re looking to sell products online, chances are you already know you need an eCommerce platform. After all, conducting business strictly in person is nothing short of a death sentence for companies selling products in 2021. However, you might not know the difference between eCommerce websites out of the box, such as Shopify and BigCommerce, and custom eCommerce platforms that are built from scratch. The price tag for out-of-the-box solutions can be tempting, but you should note that they come with a number of setbacks that custom eCommerce platforms do not.

Stay Consistent With Your Branding

While some eCommerce platforms are just fine for designing a functional website, it might not be everything you need to achieve the overall aesthetic you want to see. You can only customize templates so much, but with a custom eCommerce platform, you get not only the functionality of an eCommerce platform, but the design and user experience that matches your brand exactly, with the option for incredibly minor tweaks here and there that simply aren’t available on Shopify.

Software Integration

If you use software for any aspect of your business that needs to be integrated into a new eCommerce platform, it can be difficult to do that smoothly with cookie cutter websites. There is limited functionality when it comes to software integration on platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce, but in order to truly get what you need, skilled developers can code anything you need in order to make the transition to eCommerce seamless.

Top-Notch Security

Making sure your customers’ information is secure when shopping on your website should be a primary concern when building an eCommerce platform, and you can’t really be sure you are providing top of the line security unless you’re consulting with expert website developers who have years of experience building eCommerce sites.

Specialized Shipping Options

When your products cover a wide variety of shapes and sizes, you’ll have a greater variety of ways that they need to ship. Once you get past a certain point, it becomes a hindrance to have an out-of-the-box eCommerce platform that only comes with a select few shipping options. With custom platforms, you can choose different delivery services, time frames, and customize the price based on shipping location.

Custom Coupon Codes

Out-of-the-box eCommerce systems usually include coupons or promo codes, but they are often limited in functionality for businesses that want to impose restrictions on their coupons, such as only allowing them for a certain number of items or disallowing coupons on certain brands. With a custom eCommerce site, we can code in as many rules as you’d like about your coupons, and it can change as often as you need it to.

Oftentimes, small businesses will begin with out-of-the-box solutions, and that’s ok. However, when you begin to grow out of the limitations that are imposed on you by those platforms, contact ShoreSite Web Designs to make all of your wildest website dreams come true.