it goes without saying–social media is the bare minimum you need in 2022 to compete within your market. Social media marketers in 2022 are seeing the emergence of new content formats as the predominant method of marketing, along with new platforms and new features on old platforms.

TikTok As A Search Engine

TikTok search engine

me serious change to the way that social media marketing is done. The biggest way that social media is upending digital marketing is the emergence of TikTok as a search engine–in fact, for the first time in 15 years, Google no longer holds the top spot as the most visited web domain. TikTok is not only an app for silly dances–it’s a way for people to get beauty tips, how-to videos, food recipes, and other information that used to be dominated by Google. Getting on TikTok is going to be critical to being seen!

Alt Tags on Instagram

alt tags on Instagram

atforms like Instagram, it’s essential that you add alt tags to your posts. Alt tags allow Google to read your images and index them so users are able to find them in image searches. By using keyword-rich alt text, you could be drastically improving your organic visibility with just an extra minute of work! This also applies to images on LinkedIn, so make sure to do your research and apply the right alt tags.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn ads

o dominate the professional social media world, and social media marketers need to keep up with LinkedIn ads. Four out of five of LinkedIn’s 690 million users have the ability to make business decisions, and you can tailor your ads on LinkedIn to reach exactly who you want in your industry. There are different types of ads you can run to achieve your goals, including increasing awareness, driving conversions, website visits, or simply gaining followers. Don’t sleep on one of the largest social networks on the internet!

Instagram Reels

rapidly growing, and that’s not going to stop in 2022. The short-form video format is taking over the internet thanks to TikTok, and Instagram is keeping up by continuing to prominently feature Reels.

m posts reach their maximum visibility in a 48-72 hour window after they’re posted unless it goes viral, but Reels continue to steadily grow over time–suggesting that Reels are a hugely important feature to take advantage of in order to organically gain a following!

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