Many small businesses don’t need to rely on traffic from outside their city or county, yet a large percentage of small business owners still believe SEO is an impossible hurdle to overcome. While it’s true that ranking nationally in certain industries is a tall task, all you really need to do is dominate your local market in order to see growth.

Hyperlocal traffic is an ever-growing focus of Google’s algorithm, and it’s highlighted by the increasing importance that Google places on user intent and Google My Business.

Google Business Profile

This isn’t anything new, but Google Business Profile is important. It’s a free profile provided to you that tells searchers your name, address, contact information, services and products you offer, hours, reviews, and a host of other features–but it’s more than just a billboard.

GMB is a major component of local search. A local business could never touch their website and still consistently rank on top if their Google Business Profile profile is optimized fully. When Google determines the user is looking for a local business, they serve up a “map pack” to users that looks something like this:

Google Business Profile map pack

Some businesses, such as Netwave Interactive Marketing, will use the Ad feature to pay for impressions, but often, you’ll be the top result. The map pack shows up on top of the page, and your business will be the first thing a user in your immediate area sees.

Geo Targeted Landing Pages

Geo targeted landing pages are a viable option for businesses that offer products or services unique to a specific area. If someone is searching for a service in Wall Township, NJ, and you offer services to Wall residents, you could create a page specifically targeted at Wall. This strategy comes with a caveat, however–creating different pages, all targeted at different areas, but with the same exact content, could result in Google penalizing you for duplicate content or automatically assuming they are all the same page, so only one gets indexed.

Be sure to speak to an SEO expert that can guide you through the do’s and dont’s of creating geo targeted landing pages!

Google Local Services

As we’ve covered before, Google Local Services is a brand new tool rolled out by Google aimed at converting customers right from the SERP. It supports the following industries:

    • Locksmiths
    • Plumbers
    • Garage Door
    • Electricians
    • HVAC
    • Air Duct Cleaner*
    • Appliance Repair Service*
    • Auto Glass Service*
    • Auto Service Technician*
    • Carpet Cleaner*
    • Event Planner*
    • Handyman*
    • Home Improvement Pro*
    • House Cleaner*
    • Junk Removal Provider*
    • Lawn Care Provider*
    • Mover*
    • Painter*
    • Pest Control Technician*
    • Pet Care Provider*
    • Pet Groomer*
    • Photographer*
    • Roadside Assistance Service*
    • Roofer*
    • Tree Service Provider*
    • Tutor*
    • Upholstery Cleaner*
    • Water Damage Service Provider*
    • Window Cleaner*
    • Window Service Provider*

Not all services are supported in all markets.

When a user searches for a local service in one of those industries, Google will serve up a carousel of professionals that looks like this at the top of the page:

Google Local Services

Each one of the professionals on Google Local Services is screened by Google, which is a lengthy process that involves Google verifying you are who you say you are. Users can click on your listing to find out what services you offer, your hours, your contact info, and even a form that allows them to submit their information directly from Google.

If you’ve got a budget to work with, Google Local Services is a can’t-miss opportunity for businesses in the qualified industries.

You don’t have to think big in order to succeed at SEO. Think small, and contact us today to get started on a hyperlocal SEO strategy!