In short–answer questions that users are asking in a succinct, knowledgeable manner. Of course, you need to know what questions to answer, which you can do via keyword research and doing your own Google searches to see what topic you can cover that isn’t already talked about extensively.

Appearing in the knowledge graph is a function of well-done SEO–a combination of good writing, solid keyword research, and a demographic that’s searching for topics related to what you have to talk about.

What Exactly Is The Knowledge Graph?

The Google Knowledge Graph is part of Google’s efforts to enhance a user’s search experience when looking for a specific answer to a question. When it determines that a question is sufficiently answered by a website, that website’s answer will be prominently displayed in large text at the top of a SERP when that question is entered into the search bar. There are a few strategies you can employ to show up in the Knowledge Graph.

Answer For Voice Search

voice search

Gone are the days when an SEO could simply slap a few keywords into an article and rank #1. Google is smarter than ever, and can understand human languages like a human would, as opposed to simply placing more value on a few short words and phrases. With voice search taking up a large share of the search market nowadays, people are asking questions to their phones, Alexa devices, and Google Homes in longer format as if they’re asking another person. When you phrase your questions with that in mind, you automatically increase your chances of being in a knowledge graph for devices to grab an answer from.

Utilize Schema Markup

what is the knowledge graph

We’ve already talked about the importance of and written a beginner’s guide to schema markup on a website, but it’s important enough to reiterate. Schema markup is Google’s translator for website content, and when Google understands content better, it’s more likely to put it in the Knowledge Graph. Write for the users, and use structured data in the backend to help Google understand it.

Now that you know what the knowledge graph is and how to take advantage of it, start taking note of questions in your industry that might not be covered too widely online, and you might just see yourself on top of a Google SERP in prime position!

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