If you were asked to name two different fields of marketing, you probably couldn’t come up with anything more different than Graphic Design and SEO–one is all about visual experience for the end user, and one is all about optimizing a website to show up in Google with keywords and content. Generally, you won’t find someone who is fluent in both fields–but they might have a bigger influence on each other than you think.

Some companies might be more inclined to use the budget on their website to invest in SEO rather than spending too much time making it look pretty, and others might care more about the optics of their website rather than investing in SEO.

For those who fall into the former category, exercise caution–graphic design is an essential part of user experience, and user experience plays a huge role in Google’s ranking of websites.

Skilled designers are more than just artists. They are experts on what looks appealing to the human eye, and in that regard, know which fonts to use for better readability, understand how to make images on your page pop, and can convey a message via imagery that contributes to the overall UX on a webpage.

Great imagery can get a user to stay on your site longer, especially if it’s informational, and Google can measure that and inte
rpret that the information on your site must be useful since users are staying on it so long.

Mobile Graphic Design

Mobile has been the way of the future for years now, and any SEO specialist not focusing on mobile is not doing their job. This makes graphics that are optimized for mobile all the more important, and can make or break a user experience on a mobile platform. Users who are scrolling forever on their phone screen past a poorly made image are more likely to just leave the page than they are to continue scrolling.

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