Google My Business, as we’ve covered before, is an immensely important tool for any business reliant on local traffic. When Google determines that a user is looking for a business near them to fulfill their need for a product or service, it prominently displays the most relevant Google Business Profile on the SERP.

Included in each Google Business Profile is Questions, a feature that anyone can use to ask questions about the business. Here’s the catch, though–it’s a community discussion platform. That means that anyone can answer the questions posed by users, which is an effort by Google to promote transparency and allow users to have their questions answered if the business is not active on their profile.

So, what does this mean for you?

Be as diligent as possible in regularly checking the Questions section of your Google Business Profile. It’s not located in the backend since it’s a public feature, so all you have to do is Google your business and click on “See all questions” to populate a list of every question that’s been asked. Even if a question has an answer already, we recommend answering it yourself, since Google uses an upvote system to display the top answers to each question.

As always, Google gives preferential treatment to businesses that they see are active with their Google Business Profile, so this is just another way to interact with users that will give you brownie points with Google!

Can I Ask My Own Questions On My Google Business Profile?

While it may seem ridiculous, asking your own questions and then answering them can be a useful tool in facilitating more questions being asked, plus it builds up a mini-FAQ section on your Google Business Profile! This can be useful if you know there are a set of questions that many customers ask you, and they can have them answered right away with just a glance at your GMB.

Even better, this strategy is actually endorsed by Google! So, next time you find yourself looking at your Google Business Profile, do your organic presence a favor and ask yourself a question–you never know what potential customers you might be helping!

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