What is Canva?

Canva is a simple graphic design platform used to create digital marketing content, social graphics, presentations, and pretty much anything you can think of! The base-level plan is completely free. Teachers, students, and non-profits can access the platform for free too. The pro and team plans offer additional content and tools for a price. 

Recently, Canva celebrated reaching 100 million users each month! As the platform continues to grow, it has become a great resource for people looking to make design content on their own. While website design, logo creation, etc are still best left up to pros like ShoreSite Designs, Canva can be a very valuable resource for small businesses. 

Now that they have so many users, Canva has started a Design School on their site that helps people learn tips and tricks on designing with Canva.  

Canva Design School

The Canva Design School features thousands of tutorials! The Canva for beginners course has over 100,000 students. If you just started using Canva whether you’re a student or professional, the course is a great way to be introduced to Canva and understand the different tools. The beginners’ course is broken down into 10 lessons each with its own key learnings, video, and transcript. 

They also offer more specific courses such as Canva Pro for Nonprofits, Canva Design Skills for Students, and many more! If you’re a project manager or admin, they have a course all about how to add your team and set them up for success in Canva. 

Online Events

Occasionally Canva offers online events on varying topics where you can learn in real-time about how Canva can benefit you. One of the upcoming offerings is a 45 min event on 5 things you can unlock with Canva as a nonprofit.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive and easy way to create content for your small business, Canva is a great option. When you’re ready to invest in a new site or a customized logo design contact us and we’d be happy to take your business to the next level!