Building a website from the ground up can be like building a house. To build your dream site, each component is an essential component in the design and structure. Many features are required, both front end and back end. Visual elements are important for the look and feel, while coding, plugins, domain, and hosting are what make the site functional. Much like a home, each element is a building block and can be used to create your dream site


Headers & Navigation.

Headers and Navigation are the gateway to a website. They can lead a visitor to the front door, giving them a way to come and make themselves at home. A visual header can be a captivating visual for your guests, and should be complemented with a great logo. Having a professional logo is the easiest way to start branding your site.

Having a well designed navigation menu will give your visitors a path towards interacting more frequently with your site. It’s important to give a visitor the ability to move freely across the website, giving them access to existing hallways and rooms that lead to different parts of the site. Having a strong visual header and navigation menu creates these hallways.

Content is King.

Once you have developed a sense of direction, you can utilize content to keep visitors engaged as well as attract new visitors to the site. Depending on your service, content can cover a wide array of information. Typically, you’ll want to incorporate strong structure, attractive styling, and informative content that fits your message and branding. If you are partnering with a reputable web development company, they can assist you on adding buttons and clickable links to your content. If the content is strong enough, it will drive traffic to the website. Content should be on point with your vision and informative.

Great Images and Visuals.

While the structure of a home can help navigate a visitor, it’s the visuals that can keep them engaged. Remember; windows brighten the room. Think of visuals as windows. Great images and visuals are the best way to keep a visitor interacting. 

The images that you choose should be a representation of a company’s call to action and vision. Images can be used to convey messaging in a linear fashion, leading a visitor down the right path. Images can enhance the mood of a website, painting a picture and adopting emotional elements that keep a visitor engaged.

Pouring the Foundation.

At the end of the day, each element of a website is supported by the foundation.  Having a landing page can be considered the foundation of your site. Establishing a strong landing page complete with a ‘contact us” form will let visitors get in touch with your business. Because many business owners use their site as a lead-generating platform, adding a “contact us” page will help gather information from potential clients.

Additional Elements. The Works.

Aside from the navigation, visuals, and a landing page, there are elements of a web design that keep a website site up and running. Web hosting will ensure that your site stays online and remains functional. Domain names can be used to enhance the web address of your site. The domain name of your website should resonate with your vision and company brand. Search engine optimization (SEO) can be used to better rank your website against other similar sites. 

With a little loving care, it is entirely possible that your site can be a highly ranked site through search engine optimization services, granting thousands of people access to the wonderful services that you offer.

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