Website design is evolving by the day, and what the internet and end user prefers is constantly changing. The bottom line of web design is to create a space on the internet that you’re proud to call your own and can generate new business for you at neck breaking speeds. ShoreSite Web Designs has seen its fair share of changes–after all, it’s in the name–and we’re excited to move into 2022 with the latest and greatest in web design and development.

Bold Colors

The transition from the 2000s to the 2010s saw a lot of companies opt for soft, neutral colors over their bigger, brighter counterparts. The pendulum is swinging back, and you can be one of the first to adopt bold, saturated colors that help you stand out from the pack. Talk to us about redesigning your brand colors–we’d love to bring you into 2022 with a bold statement!

Website Load Time

As we’ve previously discussed, Google is placing a premium on website speed as a major contributing factor to user experience–and user experience is king. Go with a website designer that knows the importance of this and how to properly execute it. Strategies like lazy load and infinite scroll can help improve the load time of your site, and ensuring that all graphics and videos are compressed is key.

If your goal is to convert sales from your website, you literally cannot afford to have a slow loading time–studies have found that every additional second spent loading between 0-5 seconds leads to an average decrease in conversions of 4.42%.

Dynamic Lead Nurturing

dynamic lead nurturing

We’ve all been there. You’re ready to give a company your business, go to their lead capture form, and it’s got dozens of fields to fill out. No one has the time to do that, and conversion rates drop significantly with static forms that require all of the information at once.

Dynamic lead nurturing forms allow those fields to be broken up into multiple forms at different conversion opportunities, and if that user fills one out and then comes back to the website later, the forms with information you don’t know about them yet will populate. Your customers are much more likely to fill out information in bite-sized chunks!

Dark Mode

Dark mode is a revelation in web design–in fact, nearly 82% of users report using dark mode when it’s available. Despite this, a staggering percentage of websites and apps do not yet offer a dark mode option, or better yet, a standard dark mode design.

Dark mode offers a modern, sleek look, and users who spend all day on their screens prefer it to put less of a strain on their eyes. As an added bonus, dark mode can reduce battery usage on phones with AMOLED displays up to 63%.

Interactive On-Scroll Elements

interactive on-scroll elements

If the goal of a website is to get users to stay on as long as possible, do you think it would be smarter to make a website made entirely out of static background elements or dynamic ones?

With interactive on-scroll background elements, you can make the design of your website move as the user moves, making it pop out on the screen and stand out to a user.

Organic Shapes

The sharp angles and harsh lines of yesterday are taking a backseat to organic, fluid shapes. These lend themselves to a more unique web design that can break up the site in different ways, and allows the user’s eyes to flow freely around the page. Instead of thinking of your website as a static advertisement of your brand, think of it as a living, breathing entity that lets users interact with it and use it how they want.

Looking to drastically improve your web presence in the new year? Contact us to speak to our experienced web designers and developers!