Organic social media posts are becoming more challenging to get right as Meta transforms into more of a pay-to-play structure for marketers, however, that’s not to say that organic social media posting is dead. Quite the opposite, in fact–it has a direct impact on every aspect of your marketing campaign and is the leading tool to use that builds your brand and interacts with your audience. Getting it right is the first step in building a successful campaign, and we’ve got four tips for nailing your organic social posts.

Focus on the Right Metrics

The rules of engagement for organic social media have changed. Likes, follows, and comments are nice, and they’re still a decent metric for measuring how users feel about your content, but they are considered “vanity metrics” now. What Facebook and Instagram really cares about is views, and more specifically, the time spent viewing–did users watch to the end of your video?

As recently as last year, the head of Instagram publicly stated that Instagram is no longer a photo-sharing app–so focus on the views and switch to video!

Regularly Go Live

Social media platforms are encouraging their users to go live–so much so, that they’ll even send a notification to all of your followers when you do. Try implementing a regular schedule with something like weekly Q&A sessions, or use it for every special event you host or attend. Showcasing your personality in a live video feels personal and genuine, and your users will start to take notice.

Share Links on Facebook Sparingly

Facebook doesn’t like leading its users off of their platform. Sharing external links, even if they are filled with useful information, is not algorithm-friendly. If you have a link you’d really like to share, try prefacing it with a text-based post, or even better, a video, of you explaining it, and then sharing the link in the comments. This is a great way to not only get the information you wanted across, but to improve the chances that your post gets a boost from the algorithm and gets more eyes on it.

Reels, Reels, Reels,

We’ve already covered how to create Reels. Just know that Instagram is all in on it, and you should be too. Even if you’re avoiding TikTok (you shouldn’t be), Reels is a good substitute for it and an effective way to capture the same audience. Unlike the organic post feed that only shows posts from brands you follow, Reels acts as a Discover page that rewards the creative and engaging content. It’s not easy to go viral, but you’re certainly giving yourself the best shot at it by diving into Reels.