Wix can be an attractive option for smaller startups who have a small budget–it’s easy, doesn’t require any prior design or coding experience, and cheap. However, businesses with an interest in growing and having their website work for them will find that Wix can be a limiting option as they expand and their client base grows.

Wix Only Has Templates

User experience and design is a huge part of your branding, and having the freedom with a custom website to tweak every single aspect of it is a major benefit to going custom. Wix has well-designed templates, but they’re just that–templates. If your branding doesn’t fit exactly within one of their pre-selected templates, then you need to pick the closest one and hope your products or services speak for themselves. Chances are, someone out there has the same template you do, and why wouldn’t you want a unique website?

Wix Doesn’t Let You Track Traffic

If you were planning on measuring your marketing efforts through Google Analytics, you won’t be able to do that on Wix without coughing up some extra money. With Analytics being the standard in the industry for reporting and tracking data, it’s essential that you have the ability to plug in the code that allows you to use it. If the price tag is something that was a deciding factor for you in choosing Wix, it might be a disappointment to learn you need to pay even more to do something basic like use Google Analytics.

Wix Is Not Transferable

Perhaps one of the biggest drawbacks to Wix, their sites are non-transferable, meaning once you’re ready to move from Wix to custom, you can’t take your site elsewhere and you’ll need to start from scratch. If you’ve already built up a customer base, this can be a huge problem that can cause you to lose business.

Wix Is Not Good For SEO

If you’re looking to do any advanced SEO on your site, Wix allows next to nothing in that department. There are no canonical tags, no customizable site maps, automatic URLs, and at times, Google has a difficult time crawling Wix websites. In addition to the lack of tools available at a user’s disposal for SEO, Wix provides SEO advice to its users that is either outdated or incorrect. If you want ROI on your website, the only option is custom.

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